A Dozen Reasons Tim David’s Clients Recommend that You Hire Him Too


1. Because of His Real-World, Verifiable Expertise

Not just a speaker, a true thought-leader on the science of human connection and influential leadership. He’s the author of Magic Words: The Science and Secrets Behind Seven Words that Motivate, Engage, and Influence (Penguin Random House), FLIP: The Four Levels of Influencing People, and he’s been featured in the Harvard Business Review, Inc. Magazine, Psychology Today, Forbes, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, The Today Show, The Chicago Tribune, hundreds of radio and television programs, and at thousands of live and virtual events all around the world.

“Tim David offers keen insight into how to better connect with others in business and in life.” – Adam Grant, Wharton professor and NY Times bestselling author of Give and Take

2. Because His Presentations are Engaging and Highly Interactive

Even the most challenging, after-lunch-food-coma, glued-to-their-mobile-phones audiences perk right up when Tim takes the stage. He used to be a professional entertainer for crying out loud. Within seconds, your audience will know that they’re in for a treat.

“So on a scale of 1 – 5 with five being the highest, you received quite a few 10s. Our staff really enjoyed your presentations.” – Laura Wante, Merrimack Valley Federal Credit Union, Lawrence, MA

3. Because He’ll Be the Easiest Speaker You Ever Work With

You don’t want a diva with a pile of obscure A/V requirements and a mile-long rider. You don’t want someone who is inflexible and picky about time slots. You don’t want to be bothered with chasing down unreachable speakers for bios, intros, learning objectives, slides, or other documentation. Tim is a pro who has worked in every situation imaginable. Give him a mic and an audience and watch him work his magic. If the mic breaks, he’ll yell. He’s the ultimate set-it-and-forget-it speaker (and if he wants a bowl of only green M&Ms, he’ll bring his own.)

“He was very easy to work with and attendees loved him – very entertaining AND they learned a lot. Over the course of the conference, I heard several people refer to [a specific portion of his message].” – Pamela Ricco, Florida Bankers Association

4. Because His Delivery Style is Genuine, Authentic, and Relatable

Comfortable and natural on stage, Tim instantly puts the audience at ease. His passion for human connection and his childlike wonder about the brain come through loud and clear. There is no doubt that this is someone who practices what he preaches.

“Tim is very understandable, relatable, knowledgeable, and makes me feel motivated to improve and develop my skills and competencies.” - Tamara Pender, Children’s Home of Reading

5. Because He’ll Generate Amazing Home-Run Quality Feedback and “Bathroom Buzz”

I challenge you to go into the bathroom after Tim’s presentation and not hear the person at the sink next to you comment on Tim’s message. That’s “bathroom buzz”. You’ll hear it in the halls between sessions, you’ll see it on Twitter, and the evals will make your eyes pop. Take a look at the many examples of the great feedback he has received throughout this document. Results ARE typical. You can expect amazing feedback from your group too.

 “Best session this year so far. Fantastic listening to @TimDavidMagic.” Scott Tyson, ChannelCon attendee (via Twitter)

6. Because Everyone, at Every Level Will Walk Away with Actionable Ideas

Much more than a motivational rah-rah fest, Tim’s programs provide the perfect blend of entertainment value and usable content. Attendees will leave feeling excited, refreshed, and motivated because of a tangible to-do list and NOT because of a flash-in-the-pan emotional high that is doomed to fizzle.

“It was great because it applies to a wide range of audience members and it can help you build relationships outside your network and also within your company.” Elaine Flint, Hosts Global Alliance

7. Because His Message is Relevant

He teaches the science of influencing others in a world where the quantity of human connection has skyrocketed, but the quality of human connection is floundering. I mean come on…Who does not want to have more influence in today’s ever-changing world? Your managers and leaders do. Your salespeople do. Your customer service team does. Ignoring the importance of influence in your industry is irresponsible.

“One comment – Awesome. I gained several different insights that will be valuable to me in my current position.” - Donna Groff, Pfizer, Collegeville, PA

8. Because His Programs Are Custom-Crafted for Your Audience

Don’t expect an “off-the-shelf,” or “canned” presentation, but DO expect “proven”. Tim has dozens of content “chunks” that are guaranteed to energize the room and fire up their thinking. He’ll design a program based on the needs of your audience that includes only the most useful information they want and need. Everyone will feel like Tim is an insider who understands their specific challenges and will be excited when he offers unique insight and perspective on how to solve them.

“The interaction with the audience members made it personal to us, engaging, and laugh-out-loud funny.” Charlene Singer, Shaw Resources, Nova Scotia, Canada

9. Because You’ve Never Seen Anything Like It Before

“International award-winning mentalists turned world-renowned human connection and influence experts are a dime a dozen,” said no one ever. A speaker who can have the audience rolling in the aisles one minute, taking furious notes the next, and leaving feeling renewed, refreshed, and recharged? That’s rarer than the snowy egret. If you’re tired of the same old, same old “death by power point,” bullet point bludgeoning, then guess what? So is your audience. There is a reason why Tim is consistently the highest-rated speaker. His programs are flat-out DIFFERENT.

“We heard feedback afterwards this was the best franchise conference we’ve ever had. He entertained the crowd, they were enthralled with his activities, they were so excited. We’re looking forward to having Tim back for future events.” Jason Leverant, President, COO AtWork Group

10. Because His Programs Are “Safe” and Worry-Free

  • His humor is 100% clean and family-friendly, yet whip-smart and LOL funny.

  • He won’t annoy your group with any hard sales pitches.

  • The easily offended and the hyper politically correct won’t even be able to find anything to whine about.

  • The show MUST go on! He’ll show up, and he’ll show up EARLY. He brings everything he needs (plus back-ups). He’s a true pro who has thought of everything so you can simply relax and enjoy his presentation. Go ahead, try and throw him off his game.

  • We absolutely guarantee that you will be thanked, get applause, and be seen as a hero for organizing the best event ever. If Tim accepts you as a client, that means he is fully confident that you can’t possibly regret your decision to work with him. No one has ever reported anything less than rave reviews. Not one single time.

  • All of this means one thing for you: NO WORRIES DAY-OF! (At least no worries about Tim’s sessions.)

“We have had A LOT of good feedback, nothing negative. Dave, our 35 years of service guy, said it was the best he’d been to. And best of all, the boss loved it! Thank you!” Leah Rigby, Spudnik Equipment Co, Blackfoot, ID

11. Because Someone Probably Recommended Him to You

It’s very likely that this website is not the first time you’ve ever heard the name Tim David. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you know someone who knows someone who has heard him speak. I’m also going to go out on a limb and say that that person raved about what they experienced. You know what else? I’m betting that you’ll be recommending him soon too. Hey, everyone is doing it.

“Tim was incredible! People are still talking about it. In fact, my boss referenced him in a meeting today and introduced one of his concepts to our whole HR team. I will highly recommend Tim to anyone looking for a keynote speaker in the future.” – Brooke Rogers, HR Business Partner, New York City Economic Development Corporation


12. Because You Get Much More Than Just A Speaker

The below list of premium services included when you work with Tim. Most speakers just show up, vomit out their message, and then get on the next plane home. To Tim however, it is never “just a speech”. People don’t need another speech. They need skills. They need content they can use. They need behavior change that sticks. They need experiences that make a difference. Real, lasting change doesn’t happen after a single speech (even if it is a REALLY good one). That’s why Tim gives you so much more, both long before he is introduced and long after the standing ovation. He’s not just your speaker, he’s your partner with a vested interest in the success of your event. I dare you to find another speaker who does all this…

  • Pre-Event Strategy Session – Immediately after making the decision to work with Tim, a strategy call will be organized with you, your team, your key stakeholders, and Tim. During this 20-30 minute conversation Tim will ask a ton of questions and once your specific needs and goals have been assessed, a plan for how to meet them using the tools below will be laid out.

  • The Audience Cross-Section – Tim will take the time to interview key audience members that represent a cross-section of your group in order to determine everyone’s needs.

  • Pre-Tweets – Before the event, Tim will provide tweetable nuggets that will create familiarity with Tim and his message before he even steps on stage. This will help you to use social media to create a buzz leading up to your event and increase attendance.

  • “Table Hopping” – If there will be a meal served prior to Tim’s presentation, he’ll use that as an opportunity to introduce himself to each table and make a personal connection with each member of the audience. You’ll hear sudden bursts of laughter and see people smiling and clapping as Tim “works the room”.

  • Evening “Teaser” Entertainment – Here’s a great idea to get the most bang for your buck. Have Tim perform his program of comedy mentalism prior to his speaking slot. This is best used after lunch or after dinner. Your group will get to see him in action and they’ll be VERY excited for his tell-all presentation. No more empty chairs. No one will want to leave early and miss Tim’s closing session.

  • Free Handouts – Some speakers charge extra to print and distribute handouts. Tim will give you the master on PDF free of charge.

  • Self-Survey – Want to know exactly how well Tim’s session was received? Tim can provide session surveys to each attendee so you can have a precise measuring stick.

  • Book Signing – Tim’s books will reinforce his message and help attendees apply what they learn long after his program is over. Tim is happy to stay after his program in order to sign books, snap photos, and answer individual questions. He can either make books available for sale in the room, or you can pre-order copies at a discount. Either way, there will be no sales pitch. He’ll simply make them available.

  • Slides – During the presentation, attendees will be able to download Tim’s slides right to their mobile devices at no charge.

  • Top Tips Tweets – You’ll receive Tim’s top quotes and tips in order to tweet out following his program, or during his program. This will increase social media engagement during your event.

  • Free Digital Gifts for Every Attendee – Not just an ebook or a few articles, this pile of goodies features real value that they will want and use.

  • Fizzle-Busting Thought Provokers, Discussion Starters, and Application Reminders – Every Tuesday, Tim will send your attendees an email with something short, but awesome on how they can continue to use influential human connection skill at work and in life.

  • Follow up Teleseminar – Roughly 30 days after his presentation is a great time to take advantage of this follow-up teleseminar. Tim will cover advanced tips, dive deeper into his content, and answer any questions that have come up as people have implemented his strategies during the month.