The Magic of Human Connection: Your Advantage in a Digital World


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Available FormatsKeynote, Breakout

Program Description: It’s not WHAT you know…

“Shockingly, only 15% of your financial success is due to technical knowledge.”
Carnegie Institute of Technology

Not so fast. It isn’t WHO you know either…

Your organization has the raw talent. Look around your org chart. The boxes aren’t where the really big problems are. The biggest problems are found at the lines in between. At their roots, the biggest problems are caused by a lack of human connection.

Technology was supposed to improve the QUALITY of our human connection. Instead, we’ve become lost in a sea of softly-glowing screens and endless email, losing touch with each other and suffering consequences that no one could have predicted.

The Magic of Human Connection: Your Advantage in a Digital World presentation uncovers the keys to creating more human connection at work and in life in a world that has forgotten how. After experiencing engaging stories and humor, provocative science, Tim’s incredible “brain science magic,” and yes, his show-stopping “backwards poem”, attendees will leave feeling refreshed and with a renewed sense of what is really important – bringing that sense of purpose and meaning into the workplace with astonishing bottom-line results.

Program Objectives:

After this program, attendees will be able to…

  • Understand and apply the five keys of human connection

  • Create more rapport and influence in all interpersonal interactions

  • Eliminate the mindset that destroys communication before it even begins

  • Appreciate the importance of human connection in a business setting and feel motivated to improve connection skills

  • Create and contribute to a work culture focused on human connection

Program Reviews:

“Tim did a fantastic job yesterday and was a great way for us to kick off the conference! It was such a pleasure to have him!” - Molly Marsh, NASPO

“By far the best that we have had to date.  We are definitely interested in having him back.” - Justin Haggart, GuestSupply