“Human Connection and Influence in a Digital Age? This Ex-Magician Says Yes…”

Tim David has been featured in thousands of media outlets, including…

Tim David has been featured in thousands of media outlets, including…


It can be hard to choose a speaker from the piles of proposals and endless web sites that cross your path. I’m glad you’re here. Tim is consistently the highest-rated speaker at conferences and events and bringing him to your event is a guaranteed home run. Start by browsing Tim’s programs or by seeing exactly what makes Tim different.


Tim’s Three Most Popular Programs


The Magic of Human Connection: Your Advantage in a Digital World

Technology was supposed to improve the QUALITY of our human connection. Instead, we’ve become lost in a sea of softly-glowing screens and endless email, losing touch with each other and suffering consequences that no one could have predicted.

The Magic of Human Connection – A Lost Art in a Digital World keynote presentation uncovers the keys to creating more human connection at work and in life in a world that has forgotten how. After experiencing engaging stories and humor, provocative science, Tim’s incredible “brain science magic,” and yes, his show-stopping “backwards poem”, attendees will leave feeling refreshed and with a renewed sense of what is really important – bringing that sense of purpose and meaning into the workplace with astonishing bottom-line results.

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LeaderScripts: Magic Words for Busy Bosses

Funny, engaging, and sharply insightful, LeaderScripts offers proven answers to some of the most difficult challenges faced while leading others. How can you be liked AND respected? How can you motivate others (even with no ability to punish or reward?) How can you guide and help without being seen as a micro-manager? How can you start feeling more like a boss and less like a babysitter?

LeaderScripts are words, phrases, and templates that provide much more than momentary motivation. They are the building blocks of healthy workplace relationships and team culture. Everything changes when you change your words.

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Influential Leadership: Moving People to Action

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. So we’re going to make him thirsty.” – Tim David

This entertaining and informative science-based program is all about creating true influence rooted in authentic human connection and NOT a series of phony or pushy sales tactics. Everyone at every level will walk away with step-by-step ideas and word-for-word scripts that they will be excited to use during their next influence opportunity - measurably boosting their effectiveness. 

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Books by Tim David

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Magic Words

The Science and Secrets Behind Seven Words that Motivate, Engage, and Influence

"Elegant and concise." - NY Times
"Top 10 Psychology Book of the Year." - Blinkist Magazine



The Four Levels of Influencing People


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