How to Detect Deception: Four Steps for Discovering (and Fostering) Truth

Ideal Audience: HR Professionals, Managers/Leaders, Law Enforcement, Internal Investigators, Advanced Negotiators

Available Formats: Breakout, Half-Day, Online Course

Program Description:

Did you know…

  • 1 in 5 employees are aware of fraud in the workplace?

  • One-third of all resumes contain lies?

  • Deception costs organizations $997 billion per year in the US alone (about 7% of Revenues?)

We hear as many as 200 lies per day. Worse, without training, we are no better than a chimpanzee or a coin toss at spotting them. As a result, we hire the wrong person, move forward with incomplete or inaccurate information, and even allow dangerous and unacceptable behavior to continue unchecked. And it all happens right under our noses.

There’s no question that truth and trust are vital components to a human-connected work culture. Although lies happen, more often than not, they leave evidence behind. Award-winning mentalist turned keynote speaker, Tim David shares how to accurately pick up the trail of clues in order to create more truth, trust, and honesty in the workplace.

Equip your people with the skills necessary to dramatically boost their lie spotting ability with How to Detect Deception.

Program Objectives:

After this program, attendees will be able to…

  • Understand and implement T.R.U.E., Tim’s four-step system for detecting deception in the workplace with a high degree of accuracy.

  • Immediately recognize the difference between a normal behavior and a “tell.”

  • Deploy Tim’s list of questions to ask and quickly interpret the most likely responses.

  • Use a proven process for teasing out pieces of information and then connecting them into an accurate picture of the truth.

  • Confirm and document any suspicions and communicate them effectively to the powers that be. (This is the exact system used by law enforcement.)

Program Reviews:

“Tim was one of the best speakers we have ever had!!!  He was engaging, humorous, and insightful. He provided us with very useful and practical tips about detecting deception. As someone who conducts many internal investigations, I found his presentation to be particularly helpful and right on the mark. We are going to have Tim back to do a half-day program, and I will be recommending him to as many corporations and HR professionals as I can -- he is someone that everyone needs to meet!!!” – Julie Moore, Program Chair, Greater Merrimack Valley Human Resources Association

I am a professional investigator and have had the opportunity to attend a lot of training for detecting deception and felt this was an excellent short course on the subject. Easy to understand, engaging, and interesting presenter. All of the components of detecting deception during an interview were covered in a short presentation without unnecessary information loaded into the topic. Five stars.” – Carl Mountain, Senior Investigator, Microsoft Global Security