Body Slanguage: The Surprising Influence of Every Day


Ideal Audience: Managers/Leaders, Sales Professionals, Public Speakers, Caretakers

Available Formats: Breakout, Half-Day, Online Course

Program Description:

Non-verbal communication was your first language. Rightly or wrongly, you instantly form an impression about people from the moment they walk into a room. That’s why body language has the power to make or break a deal, aid or destroy your customer service, and facilitate or hinder any interpersonal interaction.

But what about speaking body language? What impressions do you give off when you enter a situation? What tone does your body set for you? What do people think of you? I think you’ll be VERY surprised.

Most people aren’t body language experts. You don’t need to be. You simply need to understand the casual body slanguage of every day.

55% of the emotional content of your communication is done with your body. People will forget what you said, but they’ll most certainly remember how you made them feel.

Body Slanguage: The Surprising Influence of Every Day teaches a specific system of body language that is guaranteed to send the right impression and magnetically draw people to you. Easy to remember, easy to use, and incredibly natural, this system will increase the quality of all of your interactions at work and at home. It costs you absolutely zero time or money to change your body language, and yet the impact is incredibly powerful. 

Program Objectives:

After this program, attendees will be able to…

  • Identify and translate the body part that speaks the loudest

  • Understand the fascinating (and highly relevant) science behind body language

  • Which of the four main “vibes” they’re accidentally giving off - and which ones are best for their most common interactions

  • Deploy over a dozen body language "musts" for maximum impact (for both standing and seated situations)

  • Avoid the ten most common handshake mistakes

  • They’ll take away at least one tip for improvement that will make all the difference, guaranteed.